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Welcome to ACE Performance Tuning

Ace Performance Tuning is a Holden V6-V8 Commodore tuning specialist based in Penrith, Western Sydney. With over 15 years experience, Ace Performance Tuning is one of Western Sydney's most experienced, affordable and reliable tuning specialist of Holden Commodores from VN's to VF.

Ace Performance Tuning is a results driven business. We guarantee customer satisfaction in each tune. Our goal is to produce the best performance out of your car without breaking the budget.


Custom Tuning for Delco ECU's for commodores VN- VT.

Real-time live tuning is available for vn-vt series 1.

What is real time tuning?
Real time tuning is performed by using a real time emulator with the delco ecu. Using the emulator enables Joe to make changes to any settings in the tune while the engine is running under all driving loads and conditions.
Instant adjustments to spark and fueling maps allows you to see and feel the changes as the car is being tuned. All the data can also be logged for example -
throttle position percentage
idle speed
coolant temp
air temp and many other parameters.
 Custom memcal programming for VN - VT series 1 is also available.
This option has been popular amongst those with stock engines looking for a great performance upgrades and for those with bolt on modifications who are looking for a boost in power.
This option is also great for those located in remote areas and interstate and unable to travel for a real time live tune. Some custom tunes have also been sent to customers living overseas.

Custom tunes for VR-VS models with the 4L60E provide revised shift points when in power mode with improved kick down and firmer shifting. Codes can be turned off for VR-VS auto ecu's wishing to retain the auto ecu and run a manual transmission or turbo 400.
Other options available are the removal of anti theft for engine conversions and temperatures can be set for thermo fans. Custom cam tunes are also available for a wide variety of combinations.

The benefit of using the factory Delco ECU is the ability to use the factory functions that after market ECU's don't have. Benefits that have been seen by customers include increased power, improved throttle response, better fuel economy and drive ability.
Great results have been seen by Joe using these ECU's and tuning is available for stock engines with bolt on's, mild combos and wild 304-355ci combos.

Custom tuning  for LS1 VT Series 2 TO VF.
Mafless tunes are available for your LS1 or conversion L98,LS2,LS3 or custom engine. Using Efi live to tune get great results such as more power, driveability and  good fuel economy without excess timing and lean mixtures which may look good on the dyno but don't always translate to a quick car.
Joe has proven results at the track with using Efi live to tune and has the ability
to log data both on the street and at the track for great results. Joe also has the ability to log codes and correct speedo's that are out from a gear ratio change or due to running different wheel/tyre combinations.



This  has been an ongoing build over the last 5 years.

The car is a vx ss with l98 6.0L v8 and single turbo. It has run a PB of 9.5 143mph and a 1.4 60ft. It also gets used in other events like roll racing. So we don't just build and tune cars we also race them!


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Ace Performance Tuning

Operating alongside ADVAN PERFORMANCE address is 28 hampstead rd auburn nsw 2144

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